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Our Aim

The climate and ecological crisis are the most pressing issues of our time. The biggest body of renowned scientists in the world have warned humanity of the dire impacts we are already experiencing and of the global warming path that we are on; both in the Special Report on 1.5° warming and in the latest Special Report on Climate Change and Land. While communities across the globe are building the alternatives that lead us to the socially-just and ecologically-sound future we need, the window for meaningful joint global action is closing to prevent the worst consequences of a big part of the planet becoming uninhabitable. 

2019 saw an increase in coverage and debate surrounding the crisis due to events such as the widespread fires across the Amazon rainforest, the rapid melting of glaciers, numerous broken records for the hottest days across Europe as well as
the attention that activists such as Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion have garnered. With a lot of this attention, we have also seen an increase in the spread of misinformation as well as the evidence that the issue is still largely misunderstood due to its complexity and overarching impact.

Our aim is to clearly communicate the science behind the climate crisis and demystify the necessary information around it specifically within Central and Southeastern Europe (with an initial emphasis on North Macedonia). It is important to provide a repository of information which will outline the reality of the crisis, going into the practicalities of the issue and how it affects the different aspects of our lives.

Who We Are

The Climate Herald is developed by Simona Getova and JD Farrugia. We have years of experience in the environmental and social justice sectors through research, campaigning, organising, training, consultancy, and project management. We have worked on and coordinated projects within the three sectors (civic, governmental, and private) related to climate change, energy, conservation, fisheries management, and environmental communications, in multiple countries including North Macedonia, Malta, Sweden, Hungary, USA, Costa Rica, as well as many pan-European projects.

Simona Getova


Simona has been involved in environmental and climate justice campaigning, community organizing, alternative education and building capacity within youth since 2012. For the past 4 years, she has also been providing consultancy in the field of integrated climate and energy policymaking. Her work and research thus far has been in the field of community-led alternatives and the utilization of an intersectional approach and design-thinking methodology in creating a better world for everyone. Simona holds a BSc in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Management and an MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management.

JD Farrugia

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JD has been working in project and campaign management since 2010, mostly within civil society but also in the private sphere, as well as the arts and culture sector. Some of these roles include; directing a CSO focused on sustainable fisheries, setting up and coordinating civil society programmes, and coordinating the programme of a community theatre. JD has an M.Sc in Environmental Management & Planning and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, both from the University of Malta. He is currently involved in various projects related to environmental causes as well as artistic projects in Malta, Macedonia and on a European level.

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